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Poet in misfortune

Posted September. 10, 2021 07:32,   

Updated September. 10, 2021 07:32


Relieving their thirst with crystal-like dew, cicadas make a lively high-pitched sound up in the tree. That is why they are likened to lofty beings amid the dust of a mess-covered world. A sickening cicada lands on the palm of a poet with its wings partly torn and worn and its voice sounding sad enough to taste bitter. A dust-hurt pupil signals the end of its freedom to fly into the sky with its buzz sound. Nevertheless, a set of natural born talent makes it still strong enough to flip its wings with a light heart and make a clear sound. Full of dew drops falling from petals, it must have a clean and fragrant inner ego. What an unlucky situation where it is under threat from nightingales and black kites with its innate talent at bay! It is only natural that the poet identifies a dying cicada with himself. However, it raises some doubt that any animal bigger than cicadas is a scary enemy. The last phrase may imply an exaggerated level of a martyr complex in the poet’s mind.

Starting off with full confidence, Gado failed at the highest level state examination, which gave him some cause to criticize those in power in his poetry. It might have served as a reason why he was disqualified for applying for the exam for more than 10 years for being accused as a wicked participant. Only Han Yu, a famous contemporary philosopher, commended Meng Jiao after he died, saying, “God may have brought Gado down to the human world for fear that a line of gifted phrases could be severed completely.” At least, Gado was highly appreciated by his mentor.