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Kim Yong Chol issues warning of provoking ‘serious security crisis’

Kim Yong Chol issues warning of provoking ‘serious security crisis’

Posted August. 12, 2021 07:26,   

Updated August. 12, 2021 07:26


“You will be aware every minute of how the wrong decisions you’ve made lead to serious security consequences,” said Kim Yong Chol, director of the ruling party Central Committee’s United Front Department, on Wednesday. “After letting go of the opportunity to improve North-South relations, we should let them realize the consequences of repaying our kindness with adversity.” These remarks are directed to South Korea’s joint military drills with the U.S., which took place 15 days after inter-Korean communication lines were restored on July 27. North Korea refused to answer to any regular calls made to three channels: two military lines in the West and East Sea and the one at the inter-Korean liaison office in Panmunjom.

“It is evident that we have no alternatives as long as the South and the U.S. chose to confront us,” said Kim, suggesting armed provocation, elevating the level of condemnation that was made by Kim Yo Jong, the deputy director of the Publicity and Information Department under the Workers’ Party of Korea on the previous day.

“Growing military tensions on the peninsula are not beneficial to anyone. Dialogues should be resumed as soon as possible,” the South Korean government said in an official statement via the Ministry of Unification. However, it appeared to be perplexed by the North’s actions. “We did not anticipate North Korea to act in this manner,” said a South Korean government official. “If North Korea issues military provocation, it may run short-distance missile testing, which would inevitably impact our actions.”

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