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Japanese PM pushes for 10,000 spectators for Tokyo Olympics

Japanese PM pushes for 10,000 spectators for Tokyo Olympics

Posted June. 18, 2021 07:18,   

Updated June. 18, 2021 07:18


The Japanese government is reported to have decided to push for having an audience for its upcoming Olympic Games. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, whose term is scheduled to be finished in late September, is pressing ahead with the initiative despite the spread of COVID-19.

“The Japanese government has started fine-tuning the size of audience to a maximum 10,000 for the Tokyo Olympics on July 23,” said the Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun. As early as Monday, a five-party discussion will take place between the Japanese government, the Tokyo city government, Tokyo Olympic Organization Committee, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Paralympic Committee. An official from the organization committee told the newspaper that the Japanese government’s plan will be ratified during the five-party discussion. “For regions where the contingency is lifted, we would like to gradually increase the cap on the number of spectators to 10,000,” the Japanese government asked for understanding during an expert meeting for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Suga’s push for a maximum 10,000 audience is designed to harness the momentum of the Games to yield a breakthrough in the general elections and the disbanding of the House of Representatives. Once reelected as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Suga can have his term extended for three more years.