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A single bean

Posted May. 22, 2021 07:24,   

Updated May. 22, 2021 07:24


The name of Eros’s wife was Psyche, which means “soul” in Greek. It also means “life.” This tells us that soul and life are not the same things. Life is beautiful like a butterfly, but it can also easily crumble. Her name leaves us with a lot of thoughts.

I have seen people who were trying to throwing away their lives. Throwing away something invisible is very difficult. Some asked why we have to value life. Protecting something that is fragile is also difficult. But there are no reasons for life. No matter how hard and difficult, it needs to be protected. Is it true? Yes, it is true. You can see it clearly once you read Kim Jun-tae’s poem “A single bean.” The poem fills you with emotions, because life is unconditionally valuable.

Is picking up a bean that moving? Is picking up a bean stepped on and rolling around supposed to fill your eyes with tears? This is nothing ordinary. This is a remarkable feat. The poet says himself that a single bean carries “a tremendous life.” When he revived the thrown away life, the poet was not alone. The entire Earth and all life were watching together.

Emil Staiger said a poem is filled with the power of souls. This may need to be revised a little today and described as the poem is filled with the power of life and the power of protecting life.