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Looking at the withering spring

Posted May. 07, 2021 07:28,   

Updated May. 07, 2021 07:28


A poet drowns his troubles with drinking while looking at the spring go away at the riverside with petals flying away. Tens of thousands of petals are scattered by the breeze where a single fallen petal can signal the end of the spring. The rain of petals means the peak of an everlasting spring, and yet it causes heartache for the poet. The poet gazes at each falling petal and drinks idly. The reason why he drinks a lot without taking care of his health is probably not the nearing end of the spring – then, what torments him so much? A bird built a nest in a house once resided by humans, and the stone statue of Qilin crumbled to ruins. The place of living became desolate and bleak. Which path should on choose in front of such a reality in despair? Reflecting on it thoroughly, it seems the way of the world is to be free from a false reputation and enjoy the joy and honor of life at the right time.

During the time he wrote the above poem, Chinese poet Du Fu had served as an advisor for the emperor, but everything he did encountered issues and he was at the brink of relegation. Behind his words to drink idly with the excuse of the nearing end of the spring and enjoy life is his pain to hide his internal anger.