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Rapper Lee Young-ji donates her entire phone case sales proceeds

Rapper Lee Young-ji donates her entire phone case sales proceeds

Posted February. 05, 2021 07:49,   

Updated February. 05, 2021 07:49


Lee Young-ji, a 19-year-old South Korean female rapper, donated the entire proceeds from the sales of her original cell phone cases, which have a message encouraging social distancing, to the Community Chest of Korea (CCK).

“Lee and her fans have donated the total sum of proceeds worth 140 million won to our foundation,” said an official from the CCK.

Enjoying immense popularity among younger fans, Lee made her signature phone case conveying the message for COVID-19 prevention last year. Since then, the female rapper has made it clear that she will donate the entire proceeds through her socials.

Her design includes a comical message of warning against going out as a way of complying with social distancing rules. Lee’s products proved to be an instant hit, with some 2,200 cases selling in about an hour.

Lee and her fans requested that the donation should be used for lunchbox deliveries and psychotherapy services for seniors living alone whose livelihood has been affected by COVID-19. They also expressed the interest of supporting child nutrition projects, psychotherapy services for the child victims of domestic abuse as well as teenager single moms. “We’ve followed Lee’s active opinions as she wanted to help out those in need,” said an official from the CCK.

“We could make the donation together thanks to each of you who purchased our product and shared their goodwill,” said Lee Young-ji. “So many people have made meaningful contributions despite the difficult times, and I hope we can fight the virus together and things will come back to normal soon.”