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Begin happily

Posted September. 14, 2020 07:33,   

Updated September. 14, 2020 07:33


“The happiest moment of my life is always now. I do my best to make it so.” (Quoted from “Those with high self-esteem” written by Kim Ji-soo)

While doing design work for “Those with high self-esteem,” I found myself immersed more deeply in reading the manuscript rather than in trying to get my job done. Indeed, it was a trove of impressive and inspiring phrases. They came across as trustworthy lessons because those who share them are living proof of what the quotes teach us and the phrases are a result of personal experiences during their life journey. In particular, I was greatly inspired by what South Korean actor Shin Goo said in a couple of sentences. “The happiest moment of my life is always now. I do my best to make it so. The highest degree of faithfulness is a virtue of the best actor. Gifts are not the determining factor,” said the seasoned actor. You do your best only when you admit that you have a long way to go. If you humbly know that there is room for improvement, you must be a faithful and hardworking person. My firsthand experiences teach me that I can start anew only by looking squarely and accepting everything about myself.

Beginnings have not been an easy job to do throughout my lifetime as a rookie designer who just finished college, a team leader who led her team members, a first-time mom who had to take care of her newborn baby, and a freelance designer who just started a new career path after 10-year working life in the office. However, I do not see them as the worst memories of my life that I would never want to be reminded of. Rather than that, they make me feel happy and rewarded because they are truly part of good memories. I do not agree with those who say that long years of working experiences clear away any kind of fears that we may harbor when we make a new start. Although I feel myself more experienced and seasoned than before in some way, it always takes time and energy to overcome unexpected obstacles and pick myself up. My mother once said to me in a firm voice when I felt deeply frustrated and depressed, “Be aware that now is the happiest moment of your life.” From then, I was able to make it faster and easier for me to brace myself and get freshened to start again.

Anyone may give such a piece of easy advice just like my mother did. However, it works like magic every time I need some support and encouragement to raise myself again. It has only been three years since I became a freelance designer. I still have a long list of things that I can do to start new things even if it is not a perfect choice. The present we are living in is full of abundant joy and happiness, thus later becoming part of happy old days.