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SK Hynix, LG Electronics fall victim to ransomware attacks

SK Hynix, LG Electronics fall victim to ransomware attacks

Posted September. 10, 2020 07:43,   

Updated September. 10, 2020 07:45


It has been confirmed on Wednesday that a ransomware group attacked SK Hynix and LG Electronics and stole confidential information including trade information, raising concerns that it could lead to further damage.

Behind both attacks was a ransomware group called “Maze” according to industry experts. Both attacks targeted the companies’ U.S. offices and stole all the information stored in computer hard drives, which includes personal photos and copies of passports as well as work-related documents. In the case of SK Hynix, emails about price negotiations with its customers such as Apple and IBM were also leaked.

Maze posted some of the stolen files on a website that anyone can access. Unlike other ransomware hackers who usually encrypt computer files and restore access once they receive ransom, Maze threatened the companies to pay ransom by releasing files one by one.

SK Hynix and LG Electronics said their systems have been restored and they have introduced security measures, acknowledging the attacks. It is unknown whether they have paid ransom Maze demanded in exchange for the stolen data.

Dong-Il Seo dong@donga.com · Do-Young Kwak now@donga.com