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Biden aims to carry Michigan next Tuesday

Posted March. 06, 2020 07:47,   

Updated March. 06, 2020 07:47


Having carried the Super Tuesday primaries on Tuesday, Joe Biden, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, is poised to further his momentum at the “Mini Super Tuesday” on next Tuesday. The primaries took place Tuesday in 14 states including California and Texas, and they will be held across seven states a week later, hence the nickname.

Next Tuesday, Biden and his biggest rival Bernie Sanders will go head-to-head in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, and Hawaii. In particular Michigan, a perennial swing state, is considered as the battlefield to watch. In the 2016 presidential elections, Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump by 0.2 percentage points in Michigan, conceding him a ticket to the White House. The Democratic Party is determined to win in Michigan in the upcoming November presidential election.

Michigan has a 9.96 million population, 74% of which are white, 14% black, and 5% Latinino. Biden is most popular with Caucasian middle class, black, and the elderly, and Sanders is chiefly appealing to Latino and low-income voters. Pundits say Michigan’s demographics will serve Biden better. Michigan will be too costly a state to lose for Sanders, who lost on “Super Tuesday,” predicted Fox News.

The ruling Republican Party is sieging Biden. President Trump carped at the Democratic candidate’s age, mocking him that Biden will be put in a “home” even if elected. The U.S. president also posted a list of Biden’s verbal blunders on his tweet.

On Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of Homeland Security and Government Affairs, said “the public can expect an interim report on the committee's investigation into Burisma within one or two months.” Some experts point out that such a move will be a trade-off at best as raising the issue over Hunter Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal will inevitably remind the public of Trump’s shady deal with the Ukraine government.

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