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Ryu Hyun-jin’s new catchers in Toronto

Posted February. 14, 2020 07:45,   

Updated February. 14, 2020 07:45


Toronto’s young catcher Danny Jansen is emerging as a strong candidate to become Ryu Hyun-jin’s new battery partner this season. It is reported that Jansen is trying hard to gather information about Ryu’s pitching style through the help of another catcher Russell Martin. “I asked him about what Ryu likes. I heard some interesting stories. Once I learn about more about him, I will call Martin again,” said Jansen, who is participating in Toronto’s spring camp in Dunedin, Florida.

Hailing from Canada, Martin played for the Toronto Blue Jays between 2015 and 2018. Martin became friends with Jansen in 2018 when Jansen made his debut that year in Toronto. “He is the type of player that makes you want to help and support. I am ready to help him out whenever he asks for it,” said Martin in an interview, expressing deep camaraderie for the young catcher.

Jansen is considered highly competent when it comes to framing and caught stealing average. His batting average last year was an unimpressive 0.207, but he earned his position as main catcher for his exception defense skills, playing 384 innings in 107 games. On the other hand, Martin is known for his top-level framing skills. Last season, his shadow-zone strike rate stood at 53.1%, which got him ranked fourth in the American league.

Considering his shorter amount of experiences, Jansen also boasts great framing. His shadow-zone strike rate is 50.2%, 22nd in the league. His framing, particularly great in the zone closer to the right-handed batter, stands at 70.5%, and this coincides with the zone where Ryu often throws his signature cut fastballs.