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Asahi criticizes other media for fueling anti-Korean sentiment

Asahi criticizes other media for fueling anti-Korean sentiment

Posted September. 17, 2019 07:24,   

Updated September. 17, 2019 07:24


Leading Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun severely criticized some Japanese media outlets for promoting anti-Korean sentiment in its editorial on Tuesday.

Titled (translated) “Concerns over anti-Korean sentiment fueled across the media,” the editorial showed some examples of anti-Korean articles such as “The rage and betrayal of the Joseon Peninsula…the severance of its relationship with Japan” in Bungei Shunju’s October issue, “The countdown to the demise of Korea in 202X” in monthly magazine WILL’s April issue and “Bye to an annoying neighbor…we don’t need Korea” covered this month by the Weekly Post.

The Asahi Shimbun wrote that it is media’s role to raise diplomatic issues at various angles, pointing out that constructive comment never happens if articles are intended to point an accusing finger at a partnering country. Mentioning an article in the Weekly Post titled “The pathology of Koreans being irrepressibly furious,” the editorial criticized that it is a racist move to regard all Koreans as a pathological case. The news outlet added that it is questionable whether news media are qualified as a public tool when they share such racist comments in pursuit of publication sales and viewer ratings.

Commenting on politicians’ responsibility, it held the governments of Korea and Japan accountable for merely attacking each other and ignoring the principle of promoting a good relationship despite trouble.