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Young generations talk about hardships of the year 2018

Posted December. 31, 2018 07:33,   

Updated December. 31, 2018 07:33


What do you think has been the most impressing news among 20-something Koreans – undergraduates, job seekers and newbies? Let us look back on the year of 2018 from a perspective of youths who are yet to move their way in society or those who have just taken their first step.

The Dong-A Ilbo has interviewed a total of 100 people aged between 20 and 29 across the country, asking them to choose major news of the year and tell us the reason. Among 16 news articles selected in advance by experts, the respondents were asked to choose three. The respondents are undergraduates in four-year universities, job seekers, students and graduates of community colleges and high school graduates who have got a full- or part-time job.

Their main interests imply the core issues that Korean society has to resolve going forward. The hottest issues chosen by the future generations are the #MeToo movement (49 respondents) and the killing in the Internet café in Gangseo District, Seoul (43 respondents). The increase the minimum hourly wage was chosen by 34 respondents. The three pieces of the top news have a direct correlation with the daily concerns they have while working part-time and preparing for internship programs and job-seeking.

The 20-something interviewees mentioned "fairness" and "equal opportunities." With that notion reflected, related issues rose on the list such as the school records scandal in Sookmyung Girls' High School (17 respondents), the hike in housing prices (10 respondents), and the hiring scandal (9 respondents). Many of them raised one complaining voice regarding difficulty in moving up the social ladder.

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