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Canadian surveillance plane buzzed by Chinese off N. Korea

Canadian surveillance plane buzzed by Chinese off N. Korea

Posted December. 21, 2018 07:28,   

Updated December. 21, 2018 07:28


Canada's Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance told Canadian broadcaster CBC on Wednesday (local time) that a Canadian military surveillance aircraft monitoring North Korea’s violation of the UN Security Council was harassed off North Korea by the Chinese military aircraft.

Gen. Vance said during an interview with CBC that CP-140 Aurora patrol planes of the Canadian Air Force, which were monitoring the activities of freight vessels and tankers that violate the UN Security Council’s sanctions, had been interfered with on their flights in the area and been challenged inappropriately in international airspace adjacent to North Korea in October. The Chinese flew too close to the sophisticated maritime patrol plans, used improper radio procedure and inappropriate language, the Canadian official said.

It has been said that the concerned aircraft returned to its base without any particular damage after completing its duties as the Chinese aircraft did not impose any direct threat.

“Japan, Australia and New Zealand also have conducted enforcement flights and their aircrews have experienced similar harassment by China,” said Mr. Vance. These countries are carrying out allied monitoring over any violation by North Korea of the UN Security Council’s sanctions. CBC analyzed, by citing foreign affairs experts, that China is attempting to remind the West that the waters (of the airspace adjacent to North Korea) monitored by the United Nations is a sensitive area where China holds superior status.