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S-1 Corporation to share its 450 security patents for free

S-1 Corporation to share its 450 security patents for free

Posted September. 19, 2018 07:42,   

Updated September. 19, 2018 07:42


S-1 Corporation has decided to open its 450 security patents to its subcontractors. “Cooperation between diverse industries is a must in order to deal with the fourth industrial revolution,” S-1 CEO Yook Hyun-pyo said at the "S-1 Solution Fair 2018." “We will open some of our patents that could help industry convergence so that the security industry can take a leap forward.”

Under the slogan “Connect the imagination,” the sixth S-1 Solution Fair will showcase IoT and AI-based intelligent cities and new security solutions for unmanned stores until Thursday.

The "Intelligent Traffic Safety System has grafted Samsung Electronics’ 5G network technology onto the security company’s smart video management system (SVMS). The solution automatically controls various situations on the roads, such as violation of traffic rules, collision of vehicles, and traffic volume based on an intelligent video analysis algorithm.

Other solutions displayed at the fair include intelligent integrated monitoring solutions such as "removable monitoring solution" that combines a 360-degree wearable camera with the SVMS. It is expected to help find a missing child at open spaces including shopping malls and amusement parks and manage safety accidents in industrial settings.

The smart drone service is a monitoring service that enables users to remote control drones without any limits on distance using LTE wireless communication network and check the video in real time. A technology monitoring and managing facilities at plants and buildings as well as a security technology specialized for unmanned stores are also being introduced at the event.

Solutions that have been introduced for the first time at the event include "security solution for meeting rooms" and "smart x-ray." The former solution produces artificial noise using ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans when the conversation is tapped or recorded. The smart x-ray helps security guards at security check points by automatically scanning the objects.

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