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Ri Sol Ju's title changed from ‘madame’ to ‘comrade’

Ri Sol Ju's title changed from ‘madame’ to ‘comrade’

Posted July. 27, 2018 07:39,   

Updated July. 27, 2018 07:39


The title of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju changed in five months from "madame" to "comrade." North Korea's domestic newspaper Rodong Sinmun revealed on Thursday while delivering the news of Kim Jong Un’s inspection of Gangwon Province that Kim Jong Un comrade instructed the site with Ri Sol Ju comrade.” Ri was called as "comrade" since she first appeared on North Korean media in 2012 and her title was changed to "madame" since the report of a parade to celebrate the Military Establishment Day in February this year. During the inter-Korean summit and North Korea–China summit, Ri engaged in "First Lady diplomacy."

The title of Ri, however, was known to have some negative views within North Korea as she was the first living spouse of the highest leader to receive the "madame" title in 40 years since Kim Il Sung’s wife Kim Sung Ae in the 1970s. Some recognized that it was rather premature to treat Ri as a madame, who is known to be born in 1989. North Korea refrains from using the title "madame," other than the birth mothers of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un, respectively.

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