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Reading newspaper vs. academic performance

Posted June. 29, 2018 07:34,   

Updated June. 29, 2018 07:34


German philosopher Hegel once said that “Reading the morning newspaper is the realist's morning prayer.” This clarifies that there is nothing better than a newspaper that can reflect the reality. The giant of philosophy in the 19th century, not least typhoons of various sectors who greatly influence the 21st century all start their day with newspapers.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire who is known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” fervently read six newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times and local newspaper of Omaha. The first thing former President Barack Obama did while in office was reading the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, has also been continuing his routine of “getting up at 5:00 a.m., coffee and newspaper” for 20 years.

Newspapers goes beyond being just about politics or business but become a useful guide for learning. According to the result of a research announced on Wednesday conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Education on the educational ability research of teenagers, students who read newspapers turned out to do better in school than those who do not. The close relationship between the habit of reading books and educational achievement was researched in Korea as well. According to a research on “reading newspapers and books and educational achievement and employment” conducted by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training four years ago, students from households that subscribed newspapers during high school years showed better scores in school and better employment rate. So, what kind of study secret is in newspapers?

Teenagers improve the ability to read and write along with knowledge on current affairs while reading newspapers. Aside from improving grades, students can have more interest about the society and develop curiosity of the future through newspapers. If you are a parent struggling about your child’s academic slump, it is recommendable to become an example in reading newspapers and help your child become friends with newspapers. This writer always tells nephews, who are middle school students, to read newspapers and suggests them to read just the titles in the newspaper if they do not have the time. This habit, once it is settled, will change one’s life. Some people may say that I am blind in my own causes but making students have a habit of reading newspapers cannot be stressed more. Newspapers can be the best school that teaches students the way to see today’s world and newspapers are the best textbook to prepare for tomorrow’s world.