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`Thermomix’ popularity growing around the world

Posted August. 07, 2015 07:19,   


“The world’s smallest and smartest kitchen,’ ‘22nd Century kitchenware from the future,’ and ‘Luxury products that a consumer has to wait for two months for delivery after making payment despite the hefty price of 1,200 US dollars.’

The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday that ‘Thermomix,’ a multipurpose cooking tool supplied by German kitchenware maker ‘Vorwerk & Co,’ is gaining immense popularity in Europe, and will likely continue to make strides to enter the U.S. market next year.”

Thermomix carries out more than 12 different cooking functions, including cutting, mincing, grinding, frying, boiling, pasting, bubbling, steaming and warming. The equipment has a built-in scale for measuring the weight of food reserves, and informs the cook of detailed recipes and progress in cooking through a digital display. For this reason, the Wall Street Journal said, double-income couples who have little time to cook are scrambling to buy the tool. The U.S. daily said, “If you put in food ingredients into Thermomix according to the recipe, turn it on, and go out to pick up your child from school, the meal is ready by the time you return home.”

The newspaper said even chefs at world-renowned restaurants consider Thermomix an essential item for the kitchen, saying “The tool is great, including its function to maintain a certain temperature.”