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An unknown Sherlock Holmes story unearthed

Posted February. 23, 2015 07:17,   


An unknown Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (see photo) (1859-1930) has been unearthed in 85 years since the author’s death.

According to the Daily Mail on Sunday, the three-page and 1,300-word tale starring the famous detective was found in an attic of a house in the Scottish town of Selkirk. Walter Elliot, 80, was given the 48-page pamphlet titled "Book o’ the Brig," which includes the short story, by a friend more than 50 years ago.

The book of stories was sold at the three-day bazaar in 1904, which was to help raise money to build a new bridge in the Scottish town after it was washed away in 1902.

The story titled "Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs and, by deduction, the Brig Bazaar" is about the detective and Watson’s trip to the town. The new bridge has been in place until now.