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Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf`

Posted December. 16, 2014 08:20,   


The Sydney hostage siege occurred on Monday is likely to be carried out by a “lone wolf” militant who follows the Islamic State. Though "lone wolves" are not members of terrorist groups active in Syria and its nearby regions, they are homegrown Jihadist in Australia.

A gunman holding hostages displayed a black flag at the window of the cafe. The flag read in Arabic, "There is no God but Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” It is the Muslim Shahada, a general confession of faith that any Muslim would know. The writing is also used on the national flag of Saudi Arabia. Professional terrorist groups such as the Islamic State or Al Qaeda use their own unique seal. The hostage taker is considered to be an amateur, given that the different flag design from the flag used by the Islamic State, which hostages were forced to hold at the window.

Some analysts say that the siege could be prompted by the Australian government, which has arrested many Muslims in a large counter-terrorism operation since the end of August. It raised the terror alert to the highest level and conducted a massive counter-terrorism operation with around 1,000 police forces. As a result, it arrested 15 Muslims and charged one for alleged terrorism offenses.