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Ruling party struggles on a dialogue with opposition

Posted August. 27, 2014 00:20,   


The ruling Saenuri Party has expressed displeasure on Tuesday over the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), which started a hardline policy against the ruling party. It thinks that the NPAD’s offense is against political common sense, far from making an apology. The opposition party had broken the deals agreed between the floor leaders of both parties twice.

Some ruling party lawmakers harshly criticized the main opposition party. Rep. Lee Jang-woo, said in a party meeting on Tuesday, “The party (NPAD) is a stupid liberal party and fourth-rate party” and Rep. Kim Seong-tae said, “It does not worth existing in the Republic of Korea.” Some said that the ruling party should sue NPAD Rep. Hong Ik-pyo who criticized both the government and the ruling party for being an immoral group for contempt charges. Saenuri Rep. Jeong Mi-gyeong said in a radio program, “(The opposition party) seems to be out of its mind. NPAD was abandoned by the bereaved families of Sewol ferry victims.”

Lee Wan-koo, the ruling party’s floor leader and chief negotiator, however, implied to open a door for a dialogue, saying, “We will respect the opposition party as our partner for state affairs even if we have to grit our teeth.”

The Saenuri Party believes it has regained some trust in the first round of talks with the bereaved families on Monday. The party thinks that it could change the families’ minds if it listens carefully what they want and find a middle ground in the disputed issues related to the Sewol Ferry Act.

The Saenuri party’s leadership meets the families again on Wednesday. The NPAD also pays attention to the talks, saying, “We believe it will be practically a tri-party negotiation.” As a continued deadlock in the regular session in September could put severe pressure both ruling and opposition parties, some expect that the tension would be resolved around Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day.