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Army uncovers some 3,900 soldiers who committed cruel acts

Army uncovers some 3,900 soldiers who committed cruel acts

Posted August. 04, 2014 03:43,   


“Unspeakable in the 21st century civilized society, shameful and regrettable.”

Defense Minister Han Min-koo convened an emergency meeting of military leaders at the ministry headquarters in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Sunday. On the soldier who was killed after a beating in the Army`s 28th Division, Han said the above adding that the Korean public is shocked and outraged on the incident.

At the meeting, Han called for stringent punishment of the wrongdoers, abetters, and relevant officials under military law while also creating a military culture where soldiers’ human rights are respected. He also demanded the coming up of fundamental measures to prevent such incidents from recurring. At the meeting, Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo, Army Chief of Staff Kwon Oh-sung, Air Force Chief of Staff Choi Cha-kyu, Navy Chief of Staff Eom Hyun-seong, and Marine Corps chief Lee Yeong-ju were in attendance.

Meanwhile, the military authorities had investigated all units of the Army on their troop management during the month of April following the beating to death of a soldier identified as Yoon. The inquiry found out some 3,900 members of the military who participated in cruel acts such as beating, verbal abuse and enforced memorizations. They were penalized depending on the gravity of the acts, including getting their off days curtailed or sent to military prisons.