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Alliance-breaking ruling party vs. majority-breaking opposition party

Alliance-breaking ruling party vs. majority-breaking opposition party

Posted July. 28, 2014 02:30,   


“Candidate Ki Dong-min’s withdrawal is the ‘2nd immorality.” (Yoon Sang-hyun, secretary general of the Saenuri Party)

“We will put an end to the unchecked rush of the ruling party.” (Kim Han-gil, co-leader of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy)

In the last week right before the by-election on July 30, leaderships of ruling and opposition parties went for ‘all-out’ campaigns in the metropolitan areas where majority of votes are at stake. Ruling Saenuri party opened a fire by saying “The opposition party’s alliance is a political collusion.” The opposition party appealed that the public needs to give more power to the opposition to hold the Saenuri Party in check.

ㅇ Saenuri says, `Majority is needed to stimulate the economy`

Saenuri`s chairman Kim Moo-sung visited on July 27 Nam-seong market, Tae-pyeong Department Store and other areas of Dongjak district in Seoul. Kim asked for support to Saenuri Party candidate Na Kyung-won. On the previous day, he made election campaign tours in Pyeongtaek and Suwon in Gyeonggi Province to call for support to Saenuri candidates. Chairman Kim said, “To reap success from economic policies (for economic stimulation), the Saenuri Party needs to secure the majority seats in the congress.”

The ruling party strongly criticized of unifying the opposition party candidates and focused on highlighting its campaign strategy ‘workers for local community.’ The party’s secretary general Yoon Sang-hyun held a press conference on July 27 and offered a sharp critique regarding NPAD candidate Ki Dong-min’s withdrawal. “The opposition camp strategically nominated candidate Ki despite criticism of immoral nomination. Now, the party decided to allow him withdraw, which is more severe ‘second immorality,” said Yoon. He introduced candidate Na as “the only candidate born in Dongjak.” Regarding Lim Tae-hee, Saenuri candidate in Suwon D constituency, he said “an economic specialist for a constituency of economic importance.” He emphasized that Lim is a ‘true serving worker for the local community.’

ㅇ NPAD says, `Time to stop incompetent ruling party from taking the majority seats`

NPAD leadership set up a foothold in Suwon belt on July 27 and visited Gimpo in Gyeonggi Province and Suncheon in South Jeolla Province to make a favorable public opinion towards the party. NPAD lawmakers also joined the campaign for Roh Hoe-chan, candidate of the minor opposition Progressive Justice Party for Dongjak B district in Seoul. Roh became the only opposition candidate in the constituency after the opposition candidates are unified through Ki Dong-min’s withdrawal.

NPAD focused on shabby investigation of the former Semo Group Chairman Yoo Byung-eun and his family while criticizing of impotence of the ruling party. The NPAD co-leader Kim Han-gil said in the press conference, “The public needs to send a strong alarm in July 30 bi-election to be held in 15 locations across the country. Only then, the ruling party awakens and tries to change itself to do a better job.”

The NPAD officially announced a target of ‘5 + extra seats’ but expects further victories in the metropolitan areas after achieving alliance of opposition parties. Song Ho-chang, chair of Strategy Planning Committee, said, “The ruling and opposition parties are in neck-and-neck competition in 5 constituencies – Seoul Dongjak B, Gyeonggi Suwon C, Suwon D, Pyeongtaek B and Gimpo.”