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Intense competition of Monday-Tuesday TV dramas

Posted May. 07, 2014 08:04,   


New Monday-Tuesday TV shows have started competition for ratings over the long holidays.

Three television networks competed over their new television dramas aired on Monday and Tuesday for the first time. MBC released “Triangle” which followed “Empress Ki,” and SBS aired “Doctor Stranger” following “God’s Gift – 14 Days.” KBS aired the third episode of “Big Man.”

According to Nielson Korea, a media-rating company, “Triangle” led with an 8.9 percent rating, followed by “Doctor Stranger” (8.6 percent) and “Big Man” (8 percent). The close competition is likely to continue.

“Triangle” comes after “Empress Ki” which had been the top in viewership in Monday-Tuesday TV dramas with an average of over 20 percent rating. The new drama was 19.8 percent points lower than 28.7 percent or the viewer rating of the last episode of “Empress Ki”. It is about three brothers who lose parents and live separately but eventually meet each other again by chance. Lee Beom-soo, Kim Jae-joong, and Yim Si-wan act as the three brothers. It remains to be seen whether KBS can overcome its weakness in Monday-Tuesday dramas with “Big Man” starring Kang Ji-hwan. “The Full Sun,” the predecessor of “Big Man,” had been in the two percent range in ratings. “Doctor Stranger,” a mix of a medical, spying, and melodramatic story, stars Lee Jong-seok. Koo Seung-hyun who played as Lee’s child actor in “I Can Hear Your Voice” plays as his child role again in the new series.