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N. Korea hurls abuse at S. Korean president

Posted April. 02, 2014 00:36,   


North Korea is escalating its scathing verbal attacks on South Korean President Park Geun-hye, while continuing its military muscle-flexing. President Park`s office Cheong Wa Dae is not responding to the diatribe, saying it will not play into Pyongyang`s hands. The North`s harsh slanders indicate that the South will have to control the speed of Park`s recent proposals made in Dresden, Germany on helping the North`s economic revival.

Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the North`s ruling Workers` Party, on Monday called her proposal "ridiculous," saying that her "absurd remarks and ugly conducts cause feelings of abhorrence and disillusionment." The newspaper also hurled abuse at the South Korean leader, calling her an "eccentric old maid" and "like a bitch that caught mange." It also denounced her for "having grown older for nothing as all she has learned about politics was nothing but speaking ill (of the North)," referring to her comments on North Korea`s economic difficulties and provocations.

"North Korea has been repeating its senseless behavior of using expressions that even lowly men on the street would be reluctant to say over our state head`s diplomatic activities," a Seoul official said, adding that such behavior causes doubts over Pyongyang`s true intention behind its "important proposal" on improved inter-Korean relations.

North Korea has also been escalating its artillery provocations. The North, which launched artillery provocations on the Northern Limit Line (NLL), has declared a no-fly, no-sail zone on waters off its east coast from Monday through Friday. The South Korean military authorities believe that the North will likely launch Scuds or Rodong ballistic missiles over the East Sea.

"We are closely watching missile bases in areas near Wonsan, the Galma Peninsula and Pyongyang where a series of missiles and rockets have been fired off," a military official in Seoul noted.

On March 26, the North test-fired into the East Sea two Rodong ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads from transporter-erector launchers in the Sukchon area north of Pyongyang. "It is a strong sign of additional provocations that the North declared the no-fly, no-sail zone as soon as it finished a large-scale firing drill targeting the NLL on the previous day," the military official said.

At around 4:00 p.m. on Monday, right after the North`s firing drills, an unidentified drone fell on the South Korean frontline island of Baengnyeong. The drone is known to be similar to another one that was collected from Paju, Gyeonggi Province on March 24. The South Korean military has not ruled out the possibility that the North flew the unmanned aerial vehicles in order to conduct surveillance on the frontline island areas before or after its military drills.