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Actor Joo-won returns to musical `Ghost`

Posted November. 05, 2013 03:14,   


It is just Joo-won (26). It is not right to call him otherwise for the inaugural performance of Broadway Musical “Ghost” opening on Nov. 24. All eyes are on him who returns to a musical in four years after “Spring Awakening.” More than 70 percent of the tickets on days when he performs are sold.

He did not seem to be aware of such popularity. I met him at a cafe in the chic neighborhood of Apgujeong on Monday morning and he said, sipping a green grape juice like an innocent resident who he starred in a drama “Good Doctor,” “I met (Lee) Chang-hee who acted with me in Alta Boys where I debuted six years ago, and he said I remain the same. I didn’t change at all. I really liked that.”

-You became a celebrity mesmerizing many female fans, and how can you be the same?

“I made up my mind to become an actor when I was a teenager. But I’ve never thought about becoming a celebrity. I don’t know if it is good for me. I just did a musical, and a drama, and a film and then back to a musical.”

-You must have had many offers and why “Ghost”?

I watched the film “Ghost (1990)” belatedly when I was a college student, and bought the DVD right away. I watched it probably more than 20 times. I am so melodramatic. I easily empathize. I was deeply in for the movie. It was about a love that goes on even after one dies and becomes a spirit. How can one fall in love so deeply like that?”

-A musical and a movie could be a lot different.

“I watched a video of a musical after I got an offer. They were similar. The sense of emotions in the movie was expressed in music and stage settings. Music is really touching. Some actors wept a lot after listening to songs.”

-It’s a story with a strong image of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Don’t you get stressed?

“Swayze just acted based on the script clearly describing who “Sam” is. Three actors performing Sam have different acting styles. I’m eager to touch emotions. Not forcing people to cry but want to deliver my emotions. Cry, get angry and love. So, I am often off from traditional musical songs and lines. Sometimes, my hands and feet are paralyzed because I feel choked in sad scenes. Some advise me to control my emotions, but I don’t want to just pretend on a stage.”