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Tokyo admits its allowance to use Japanese military flag

Tokyo admits its allowance to use Japanese military flag

Posted August. 07, 2013 04:35,   


The Sankei Shimbun in Japan reported on Tuesday that the Shinzo Abe administration is pushing for a plan to make official the Japanese government’s stance that “It is okay to use the Flag of the Rising Sun,” which is considered the symbol of Japan’s imperialism by neighboring countries.

On The Dong-A Ilbo’s request to confirm whether the news report is accurate, Japan’s Foreign ministry stopped short of denying, and only replied, “The Japanese government has never announced whether it is in the process of setting the government’s stance.” This is effectively construed as suggesting that Tokyo is pushing for the measure. The Flag of the Rising Sun is formation of sunlight spreading out from the design of the sun on Hinomaru, Japan’s national flag. It was used as the military flag when Japan staged war of aggression into Asia in the past. Currently, the land and maritime self-defense forces of Japan are using this flag.

“Japan, which is not faithfully apologizing for its past history, should be well aware that how its official use of the symbol of its imperialism will be perceived by the international community,” said a South Korean government source, commenting on the issue. “The Japanese government should make wise judgment.”

The Chinese media sensitively responded as well. “The Flag of the Rising Sun reminds us of Japan’s war of aggression and history of colonial rule,” reported China Radio International, a media outlet dedicated to international news. “The measure taken by Japan will earn criticism by China, Korea and others.”