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Fiancé defends golf champ’s swing style

Posted July. 20, 2013 07:33,   


“In-bi is simplicity itself wherever she is.”

Nam Ki-hyeop, 32, the fiancé of golf champion Park In-bi, was wearing a coach’s ID issued by the LPGA tour in the U.S. A former professional golfer himself, he is better aware of Park’s swing than anyone else. Park experienced failure even after taking lessons from top-rated swing coaches in the world. Park said, “My boyfriend can predict my performance in a given championship just by looking at my swings.” Asked about Park’s golfing performance, Nam humbly said, “In-bi just did well, and I have nothing to brag about myself.”

“I have watched In-bi’s swings for nearly three years, and even after I started accompanying her in the LPGA tour, I did not make any comments on her swings for several months. I was very cautious because she was in a deep slump. However, I only advised her about the deteriorating orientation of her shots due to premature release of her wrist.”

“I was a professional golfer myself, but I envy In-bi’s putting sense. She streamlines the putting line very comfortably . This may sound like a joke, but she seems to try for putting just for seconds, which gets streamlined right away,” Nam said. “Unlike other pro golfers, In-bi does not carry a yardage book or map of green’s slants with her. She only relies on her experience and follows caddie’s advice. To that extent, she hits accurate shots and hardly agonizes.”

“I have accompanied her for nearly two years but there`s no argument between us. Even when she feels physically and mentally challenging, she never complains. She rarely talks about golf off the field,” Nam said. “When standing on the field to play, she avoids thinking matters complicatedly while focusing on only one thing.”

Born as the youngest among the two sons and two daughters to a family near Bulguk Buddhist Temple in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, Nam started playing golf as a fifth grader. He made debut in the professional golf in 2001, and had his career record in 2008 by tying for eighth in the KPGA tour. As a pro golfer, he met with Park, then a high school student, when he visited the U.S. to take an overseas training session.

Nam commented on his first impression of Park by saying, “She looked like a baby.” He also said with a smile, “Others consider In-bi’s swings to be rather unique, but they are absolutely normal and beautiful to me.”