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Koreans mad at lawmakers` broken pledges on privileges

Posted January. 05, 2013 00:14,   


Many Koreans are unhappy with lawmakers because before the presidential election, legislators from both the ruling and opposition parties pledged to abolish laws that gave them certain privileges. To make matters worse, the lawmakers have repeated their same old clumsy manner in handling budget bills.

Websites are flooded with criticism of politicians who broke their pledges to give up lawmakers’ privileges and those who broke the law by passing budget bills late, then went abroad on vacation using money from the shallow pockets of taxpayers.

One Twitter user wrote, “How can they turn their backs on us right after the presidential election? I guess politicians have a unique DNA that makes them brazen.”

Another netizen posted, “Greater responsibility falls on the nation, which elected those who are ruining the country. The people should make sure that they will not take office again in the next election.”

Other online comments included, “Please, don’t come back to Korea so that we can have a smaller number of lawmakers here,” “I think even community leaders are better than you guys. Sorry community leaders!” “What are you doing, former president Chun Doo-hwan? Come one out and dissolve the National Assembly and send all lawmakers to the notorious labor camps of your time!”

The messages show how angry Koreans are at their legislators.

Civic groups have jumped on the bandwagon of blasting politicians. Citizens United for Better Society on Friday said it will hold an urgent news conference at Korea Press Center Monday at 7 a.m. to urge lawmakers to keep their promise to abolish their privileges.