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Mock Elections for O`seas Voting Sees Turnout of 38.2 Pct.

Mock Elections for O`seas Voting Sees Turnout of 38.2 Pct.

Posted November. 17, 2010 11:33,   


The National Election Commission said Tuesday that mock general elections held abroad for Korean nationals had a turnout rate of 38.2 percent.

The mock elections were conducted in 26 cities in 21 nations ahead of the inaugural voting in absentia by Korean nationals abroad scheduled for 2012.

The vote was conducted in four cities in the U.S., two in Japan, and one each in 18 countries. Voters were asked to vote for virtual candidates of virtual parties. Voting in absentia by overseas Korean nationals will start with the 2012 general elections in some 160 cities in 100 countries.

According to the election watchdog, the mock elections were conducted at 21 overseas missions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time Sunday and Monday, with 4,203 of 10,991 registered voters casting their ballots. The country with the highest voter turnout was Spain with 88.2 percent, followed by Lebanon with 87.5 percent, Indonesia 68.5 percent, Japan 63.3 percent, and Saudi Arabia 60.6 percent.

The country with the lowest turnout was Australia with 12.3 percent, trailed by Mexico with 19.2 percent.

By diplomatic mission in the U.S., voter turnout at the general consul in New York was 29.6 percent, that in Los Angeles 20.7 percent, San Francisco 20.3 percent, and Chicago 16.3 percent.

Foreign missions send votes cast to the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry in Seoul via diplomatic pouch for transfer to the election body. The ballots will be sent to election offices in their respective cities, wards and counties according to the last registered addresses in Korea of the overseas nationals who voted.

The votes of overseas nationals will be counted Nov. 24.