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KEF Chair Criticizes Gov`t for Failure to Resolve Impasse

KEF Chair Criticizes Gov`t for Failure to Resolve Impasse

Posted June. 27, 2008 03:14,   


Lee Su-Young, chairman of the Korea Employers’ Federation (KEF), pointed out yesterday, “I don’t believe that the principles of law and order have been well maintained in recent days. The government has significantly failed to play its role.”

He said, “The candlelight vigils have thrown the whole nation into chaos,” during his opening address at the 139th KEF forum at the Westin Chosun Seoul yesterday.

“The import prices rose 83 percent in May compared to the same period last year, and the international crude oil prices have been skyrocketing. In the face of this bleak situation, the government only showed lukewarm measures. On the other hand, the political circles have seemingly pushed the situation to the brink, rather than trying to resolve the crisis. All these things break our will to do business,” he said.

He went on saying, “The dismal conditions at home and abroad such as the candlelight vigils and international situations have strong impact on our economy, which has been the cause for major concerns in the business circles.” He raised his worries, adding, “As if these are not enough, the minimum wage negotiations are bogging down, and the labor sector has been embroiled in the politically-motivated protests against U.S. beef imports, which has nothing to do with its union activities.”

He said, “The business circles should listen to the labor sector’s reasonable demand, but stand firm against its unilateral and unfair requests. The government should also emphasize and follow the principles of law and order.”