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Chinese Leaders Feel Betrayed by North

Posted October. 16, 2006 03:09,   


“We were deceived. North Korea’s nuclear weapons may aim at us someday.”

Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly), Hong Kong’s weekly newsmagazine, reported Chinese leaders’ reactions after North Korea’s nuclear test in its recent edition on October 15.

In particular, it is reported that Chinese leaders were indignant about the fact that North Korea deceived China until one day before their nuclear test and that China was informed of their plan much later than Russia.

The following is Chinese administration’s reactions before and after the nuclear test delivered by the newsmagazine.

They were in a great shock when North Korea had the nuclear test-

Russian Ambassador to North Korea Andrei Karlov was informed of the plan and its background two hours before the nuclear test. However, China was informed just 20 minutes earlier.

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee led by President Hu Jintao urgently called the extra meeting in the period of sixth general meeting of 16th central committee of Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published their statement two hours after the nuclear test, “We firmly object to them and strongly insist,” with an expression of “outrageous action” in a very strong nuance. Those expressions were barely used in the relationship between the two countries in 50 years’ history.

This reveals that China resented North Korea’s nuclear test and exposed their feeling that they were betrayed by North Korea. Such foreign ministry statements are subject to approval of President Hu.

North Korea regards China as their money-tree-

Recently, the Chinese leadership suspects that North Korea regards Beijing as its money-tree. China, which already has a problem with Taiwan, tries to pursue peaceful diplomatic policies with neighboring countries by intervening in North Korea’s nuclear problem. Focusing on economic development, China wants to build a safe and strong environment for its economy.

These Chinese policies can be taken advantage of by North Korea. One expert says, “North Korea thinks they can get whatever they want from China. They do not appreciate Chinese economic support; on the contrary, they often complain that the amount of money China sends is not enough.”

Pyongyang lied to Beijing-

A Chinese official said, “We were completely unaware of the progress of North Korea’s nuclear development.” An official responsible for National Safety in Yanji, Jilin Province, was bought off for $30 million by North Korea’s information bureau a few years ago, thereby the Chinese network of information about North Korea collapsed overnight.

Since then, the Chinese espionage network in North Korea has been limited. Even the government-run news agency Xinhua published ‘reference news’ just one day before the nuclear test and misreported, “It is reported that North Korea will not proceed with the nuclear test if their conditions are met.” North Korea reported to China that the alleged impending nuclear test is not true, and it could stop testing if the U.S. accepts bilateral talks with it. Pyongyang lied to Beijing even one day before the nuclear test.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons may target China-

China is concerned that North Korea can aim their weapons at China anytime.

One military figure in Beijing says, “The controversy over the territory between North Korea and China is always latent. Their future strategic allies on Kim Jong Il’s mind are the U.S., Russia, Japan and China in order.” He is worried when the U.S agrees on bilateral talks with North Korea, Pyongyang will betray China and become America’s agent just like Vietnam.