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Cops Crack Down on Internet Obscenity

Posted August. 28, 2006 07:26,   


About forty people who earned money by posting obscene materials on the Internet have been caught. They posted obscene pictures of themselves or their wives or girlfriends after cutting out the faces on the pictures.

People who were picked up came from various walks of life, from a low-income worker to a university instructor. The low-income worker said that he had no money to live on and he ended up posting those pictures on the Internet under an agreement with his wife. Also, the university lecturer posted his family picture to make people believe that the woman in the obscene picture was his wife.

Also, there were high-ranking businessmen such as a trading company representative and a securities company executive. In addition, a scenario writer, art institution owner, and three housewives were among them.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency requested an arrest warrant for Lee (32), owner of an obscene Internet site only known as “F”, and Kwon (34), who is working as a university lecturer. Also, Lee (25), and 42 other people were indicted without physical detention for circulating lewd materials on the Internet.

The police have said that some people who committed this crime because they needed money desperately for their living. However, most of them were people with abnormal sexual preferences or who wanted to show off their girlfriends.

“Because I wanted to show off my girlfriend…”-

The lascivious site only identified as “F” boasts 300,000 members and has galleries asking people to expose their wives’ or girlfriends’ photos. All the more surprising is the fact that there are tens of thousands of photos on the galleries.

Kwon, who teaches at a university in Seoul, posted obscene photos after blurring the faces in the pictures. He said that his wife consented and he posted pictures on the site from January 2005 to July 2006.

Kwon also disclosed a picture of his wife and their two daughters in a park after blurring the faces out.

Kwon posted 7,000 pictures on the site and received 50~150 Korean won per picture. He earned 22,000,000 won.

Lee, a son of an incumbent Governor, said, “First, I just wanted to boast about my girlfriend. People turned out to like the pictures so I just posted more obscene pictures”

“To earn money to buy baby food…”-

Kim, 32, who has an unstable job and earns poorly, was not able to buy baby food for his two children with only 900,000 won a month. His wife tried to find a job. However, it was not easy to find a babysitter. Therefore, the couple started to find a home working job.

They heard somebody saying that they can earn a quick buck by posting indecent pictures on the Internet. They posted 1,800 pictures from September 2005 to August 2006 on the internet site and earned 5,300,000 won.

The police have begun an investigation to find out similar sites. Also, it confiscated 20,000 photos pictures from the owners and asked the Korea Internet Safety Commission to close the obscene site as soon as possible.