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China Warns North Over Nuclear Tests

Posted August. 24, 2006 03:01,   


Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said, “China will not cooperate if Pyongyang continues its underground nuclear program” in a dialogue in Beijing with Takako Doi, former speaker of Japan’s House of Representatives, reported the JiJi Press on August 23.

Doi stated in a press conference that day that the Chinese high-ranking official appeared to clear his hard stances against Pyongyang’s nuclear test, saying, “North Korea’s nuclear test seriously affects the regional security.”

With respect to the six-party talks, Cui reportedly acknowledged Pyongyang’s responsibility for financial sanctions imposed by Washington, saying, “North Korea has violated the rules.” It is the first time that a Chinese senior official has clearly mentioned about the North’s violation of financial rules.

Cui called on the U.S. for a more flexible measure, saying, “We cannot sit by idly and wait for the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula only with financial sanctions on Pyongyang.”