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Think-Tank Will Be a “Melting Pot for Conservatives and Progressives”

Think-Tank Will Be a “Melting Pot for Conservatives and Progressives”

Posted September. 16, 2005 06:34,   


The “Campaign for Advanced Policy” group (www.gosunjin.org), which is mainly made up of experts and key figures in the Korean society, as well as citizens, held its official inaugural meeting on September 15 and embarked on its activities.

At the meeting, which took place at the international conference room located on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center on Taepyeong-no, Jung-gu, Seoul, members elected Kim Jin-hyun, chairman of the World Peace Forum, and Yoo Jae-cheon, professor at Hallim University, as advisors, and Kwon Tae-jun, honorary professor at Seoul National University, Kim Sung-hun, president of the Sangji University, Kim Seok-chul, dean of Architecture at Myungji University, Lee Gak-bum, president of the IT Strategy Institute, Seo Ji-moon, professor at Korea University, Seo Jong-bum, president of Joong-Ang Seunga University, and Seo Kyung-seok, chair of the Christianity and Social Responsibility Society, as joint representatives.

Attendees at the meeting included Yun Kyung-ro, president of Hansung University, Park Hong, ex-president of Sogang University, Hyun In-taek, a professor at Korea University, Na Seong-lin, a professor at Hanyang University, Jeon Sang-in, a professor at Seoul National University, Lee Seok-yeon, a lawyer, and 500 experts in all areas. A total of 1,879 people participated in the event.

At the event, Kim Jin-hyun said, "The Campaign for Advanced Policy will act as a melting pot for Korea, which is in a state of great chaos owing to a lack of leadership and the pursuit of self-interests of those in power.”

Lee Gak-bum, a joint representative, said, "Korea, once dubbed as a developing country in the 1960s, is loosing its growth engine due to the power game taking place between conservatives and the progressives. We are going to develop advanced policies that will provide a new order and unity.”

The Campaign for Advanced Policy has chosen the issue of relocating the administrative capital as its first task. Seo Kyung-seok, another of the group’s joint representatives, said, "I object to relocating the administrative capital because it is not an effective solution for dispersing population and it maximizes inefficiency in the public sector. After an internal discussion, we plan to present a detailed alternative in November."

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