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Traces of Dasan on Display

Posted July. 19, 2005 03:22,   


Handwritten letters, maps, and other items (17 in all) belonging to famous late Chosun practical scientist Jung Yak-yong (1762~1836) have been put on display for the public.

On July 18, the small conference room of the Gangjin-gun office, Jeonnam Gangjin-gun disclosed Yojocheop (The Book on Modesty), Jekyeong (The Classic Book on the Younger Brother), Gyeonweolcheop (The Book on Watching the Moon), Pumseokjeongseo (The Book on the Pumseok Pavilion), Seokjaejukran Kohseongaeguk (There were bamboos and orchids in the past, but when looking back I liked chrysanthemums), Jahwiseogan (The Chinese Character Book) and other works of Dasan. The former curator of the National Museum of Korea, Jung Yang-mo, and other experts were present.

Eight other well known artifacts such as Mokminshimseo, Heumheumshinseo, and a written copy of Aheongakbi were also shown.

These cultural asset level artifacts, which are to be put on display at a special exhibition for Dasan at the Cheongja Cultural Festival starting July 29 by the Gangjin-gun office, were collected from the descendants of Dasan and other collectors and are being shown to the public with their consent.

The former curator of the National Museum of Korea commented, “The artifacts being shown have been passed on through the descendants of Dasan and his students so they can all be considered originals. About 10 of artifacts disclosed today are so precious that they would have no problem in being designated national cultural assets.”

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