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Administrative City’s Planned Land Area Set at 22.12 Million Pyeong in Yeongi-Gongju

Administrative City’s Planned Land Area Set at 22.12 Million Pyeong in Yeongi-Gongju

Posted May. 11, 2005 23:21,   


The planned land area for the government’s planned administrative city has been finally decided to be 22.12 million pyeong (73.14 square km) and an adjacent area of 67.69 million pyeong (223.77 square km)

The Presidential Committee on Construction of the Multifunctional Administrative City, an umbrella organization of the prime minister’s office, held a third conference at the Central Government Complex at Sejongno, Seoul, on May 11, reviewing and voting on the planned area and adjacent area of the new administrative city.

The planned area increased by 20,000 pyeong with the inclusion of all of Yeongi county road number 14 in Chungnam, which at the beginning was only partially included. However, the adjacent area excluded Yeongi county, factory land in Seongdeok-ri, Geumnam-gun, and farmland in Wonbong-ri, Banpo-myeon, Gongju, reducing the total amount of land by 110,000 pyeong.

The planned areas decided on this day are spread over 28 ris in three myeons of Geumnam-myeon, Nam-myeon, and Dong-myeon in Yeongi-gun, and two myeons and five ris over Jangi-myeon, Banpo-myeon in Gongju, Chungnam Province. In total, the whole area is across a city and a gun, five myeons and 33 ris.

In addition, the adjacent area includes three cities and guns, nine myeons and 74 ris- four myeons and 43 ris from Yeongi-gun including Seo-myeon; 20 ris and three myeons from Gongju including Euidang-myeon; and two myeons and 11 ris from Buyong-myeon and Gangnae-myeon in Cheongwon-gun, Chungnam Province.

The government plans to receive the approval of the president for the plan sometime next week and officially announce the planned areas.

(Gun, myeon, and ri are all units of administration, from big to small. One gun is roughly equivalent to a county.)