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Radio Ads Are Under Scrutiny

Posted April. 10, 2005 23:20,   


The Korean Broadcasting Commission, which is headed by Chairman Noh Sung-dai, announced that starting next month, it will crack down on radio station broadcasting ads aired by cutting main programs and time signal ads that seek advertising effects by informing what time it is when the ad is aired.

The commission sent an official document to broadcasting stations such as KBS, MBC, and SBS, saying, “The commission will investigate the frequency, timing, and method of ads aired by your stations starting next month,” adding, “If we find anything unlawful, we will fine you or impose sanctions on your operations.”

“In cases of radio advertising, 20 or 30 minutes after programs start, ads are often aired, which is against the Article 7 Enforcement Ordinance of Broadcasting Act that prohibits ads aired by cutting main programs, which is only permitted in broadcast sports,” said a source from the commission.

According to this law, if stations fail to meet this requirement, they will be fined less than 10 million won.

In regard to time signal ads that seek advertising effects by informing what time it is when ads are aired, there is no explanation of the Broadcasting Act. However, it has been operated as a usual practice by stations.

When Rep. Son Bong-sook of the Millennium Democratic Party addressed this issue at the National Assembly’s Inspection last October, the commission expressed its willingness to start an investigation into this.

Broadcasting stations such as KBS, MBC, and SBS earned approximately 26 billion won last year from running ads informing listeners of the time.

“In radio programs, ads that are aired after the DJ’s opening comments and songs are the same as ads in television programs that play before programs start,” adding, “This action is a result of a wrong understanding in the particularity of radio programs,” said a source from the Broadcasting Producers Association of Korea (BPAK).

Instead, the producers of BPAK responded to the action by calling for the revision of the laws related to time signal advertising.

Jung-Bo Suh suhchoi@donga.com