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China’s Push for North Korean Participation in Six-Party Talks

China’s Push for North Korean Participation in Six-Party Talks

Posted April. 07, 2005 23:33,   


Vice Unification Minister Rhee Bong-jo currently visiting the United States, said on April 6, “It would be hard for North Korea to avoid the six-party talks when Chinese leaders are persuading it to come to the fore,” adding, “Although it is hard to predict specific timing, eventually, North Korea is likely to come to the table.”

Vice Minister Rhee said this at the press conference with Korean correspondents during his visit to Washington to explain South Korea’s unification policy to the U.S. Congress and government officials. However on that afternoon, Richard A. Boucher, State Department spokesman and assistant secretary, made a rather opposing remark, saying, “The United States has not noticed any signs of North Korea returning to the negotiating table.” On the previous day, Japan’s Yomiuri Newspaper reported that during the visit of North Korean first vice foreign minister Kang Suk Joo to Beijing, an agreement was reached on Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Pyongyang and North Korea’s return to the six-party talks.

Seung-Ryun Kim srkim@donga.com