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President Roh Emphasizes Reform in College Science and Engineering

President Roh Emphasizes Reform in College Science and Engineering

Posted January. 06, 2005 22:26,   


President Roh Moo-hyun attended a new year’s gathering for scientists and technicians held by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies on Thursday, January 6, at the Korea Science and Technology Center at Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, and emphasized, “I would like to request this year’s college educators, especially in science and engineering, to reform which may support for an "advanced science and technology Korea".

President Roh added, “There are many students majoring in science and engineering, but the creative science and engineering workforce taking the lead of a “technological Korea” is insufficient. When I ask entrepreneurs if there are enough technicians to do the work, they answer that none of them are useful. This is becoming a serious obstacle for Korea in stepping into the role of a leading science and technology nation.”

Relating to the renovation in college science and engineering education, President Roh said, “If the government pushes forward with plans that schools do not want to follow without personal cooperation from the school, matters may get very controversial. I am worried that this dispute may go beyond a simple theoretical argument and into personal invectives, but the government will push forward with a strong will.”

President Roh added, “In order to conclude free trade agreements with other countries in the future, Korea’s science technology must be backed up at a more rapid speed and unease must be relieved for middle- and small-sized companies. In the new year, policies will concentrate on improving science, technology, and the competitiveness of small- and middle-sized companies.”

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