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[From Readers] Copying Japanese pop culture--- a new danger

[From Readers] Copying Japanese pop culture--- a new danger

Posted April. 13, 2001 13:37,   


Nowadays, Korea`s modeling after Japanese pop culture has reached a dangerous level. For instance, the background music of the SBS drama, ``Beautiful Days,`` was a copy of ``Remembering Me,`` a melody by S.E.N.S., a representative player of Japanese new age music, whose album is now circulated here in Korea. And the introduction part of singer Cho Sung-Mo`s music, `Asinayo (Do you know?)`, which won the top prize for music videos last year, was copied from ``Requiem,`` a theme song for the Japanese Fuji TV drama ``Asunaro White Paper.``

For a long time, Korean broadcasting stations have aired entertainment shows and programs modeled after Japanese ones, either as they are or with little modification. There are too many such examples to mention here.

The reckless introduction of Japanese pop culture poses serious questions, regardless of whether they were imported with or without paying royalties. It is often reported that even well-known composers tend to habitually copy Japanese melodies when they issue new albums. Of late, South and North Korea, and China have come all-out to criticize the Japanese distortions of history. It is hoped that the creators of pop music and broadcasters will have a righteous viewpoint of history to set an example for the growing younger generation.

Hwang Young-Ha, student at Graduate School of Mass Communication, Chung-Ang University