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Kim stresses safety at Inchon airport opening

Posted March. 22, 2001 18:19,   


Noting that the Korean peninsula is centrally located with respect to the four major powers – the United States, Russia, China and Japan -- and is on the main route linking the oceans and the continents, President Kim Dae-Jung stressed on Thursday that if the nation makes the most of these favorable conditions, the peninsula would develop into a global production and distribution center linking not only the Northeast Asian nations but also the Euro-Russian continent and the Pacific regions.

At the grand opening ceremony for Inchon International Airport (IIA), President Kim declared the opening of the ``era of the Korean peninsula,`` encompassing air, land and sea, as the hub of global distribution. The president went on to say that Inchon airport, equipped with the most up-to-date facilities in the world, would become a symbol of the Korean peninsula era thanks in part to its competitive edge over other airports around the globe. Saying that the opening of the airport was only the beginning of the gigantic task ahead, Kim called upon the people to exercise all wisdom and endeavor in order to make IIA the world`s safest, most convenient and inviting airport.

Noting that safety is the most important consideration, Kim said that related authorities should attentively address any problems that might arise, however trifling they may seem. Also attending the ceremony were National Assembly Speaker Lee Man-Sup, Construction-Transportation Minister Kim Yoon-Ki and some 5,000 dignitaries and Inchon residents.