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[From Readers] ``Red Devils`` repulsive

Posted March. 07, 2001 13:09,   


I watched a TV program on the World Cup a few days ago and one unpleasant aspect of the show stuck in my mind. The issue of the celebrated cheering squad for the Korean national soccer team is bound to come up whenever we talk about soccer games and their enthusiasts. The program interviewed one of the rooters belonging to the ``Red Devils.`` The name struck me as rather repulsive and made me think it should be changed. The word ``devil`` has some ugly associations and there aren`t many places where it is held in high regard. It is also unsuitable for use by children. Many sports fans from all over the globe will be coming to see the World Cup here in 2002. I fear that the name ``Red Devils`` will leave foreigners with a negative impression of Korea. I hope a moderate-sounding and positive name will be chosen to replace it.

Shim Young-Woo (Samseon-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul)