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[Health] Removal of abdominal fat, principal cause of geriatric diseases

[Health] Removal of abdominal fat, principal cause of geriatric diseases

Posted February. 09, 2001 19:38,   


Falling into a trap laid by Wangyoon, a loyal subject of Han, Tongtak waged a battle with his confidant Yopo to win Chosun, a beautiful woman, only to be killed by him. As Tongtak died, the people who had suffered under his ruthless tyranny dragged him into the streets and set fire to a wick that had been driven into his navel. The renowned history book known as "Samkukji" reports that the fire lasted for as long as a day because he had large amounts of fat in his abdomen.

Abdominal fat is easily accumulated in people with a physical constitution called "Taeum," who usually have large livers but small lungs. Herb doctors call the fat congestion and it is categorized as moisture according to another medical system called `Yuki.` In order to remove the fat, patients are supposed to take medicines like Pokryong, Changchul and Panha, which remove moisture and congestion.

As obesity is the biggest enemy to the prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and hardening of the arteries, it is very important to reduce fat. Most fat is accumulated in people`s abdomens and hips. Abdominal fat covering internal organs is a prime cause of geriatric diseases as it easily flows into blood vessels. That is why people say the bigger one¡¯s waistline, the shorter his or her life span.

Herb doctors use electric fat-dissolution machines to remove fat effectively. The machine accelerates the dissolution of fat by connecting low frequencies of some 50Hz to needles and pads and applying a stimulus to subcutaneous fat. The effect is doubled if patients engage in proper levels of exercise. Recently, a ¡°diet-running machine¡± was developed to help patients lose weight while undergoing treatment using the fat-dissolution machine. If they take a dietary and herb medicinal cure at the same time, they may be able to avoid regaining the lost fat later on. Tel: 032¡ª651¡ª7823

Sohn Young-Tae (Director of Myongga Herbalist Hospital in Puchon, www.gamcho.net)