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Adult sites most favored by Koreans in Asia: SCMP

Posted February. 06, 2001 18:27,   


Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reported Tuesday that among Asian countries, Korea has the highest connection rate to adult-oriented Internet sites.

According to a survey conducted by Net Value on each country¡¯s Internet usage, 56 percent of Korean Internet users visited sites exclusively for adults, most of which contain sexually explicit content. Hong Kong reported that 40 percent of its Internet users visited such sites, followed by Singapore with 36 percent and Taiwan with 35 percent. In China, which imposes strict controls on connections to obscene Internet sites, the rate reached 26 percent. A number of women were also found to be visiting such sites. The figure was 30 percent in Hong Kong.

The survey showed that better-off people tend to visit adult sites less frequently. In Hong Kong, it was found that only 1 percent of people earning at least $8,000 a month visited the sites.