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`Bungee Jumping of Their Own`

Posted February. 02, 2001 19:44,   


`Bungee Jumping of Their Own`is a fantasy melodrama with the message that love is destiny.

Director Kim Dae-Seung, who made his screen debut with this film, tells a tender love story with reincarnation as its theme: If one dies several times and is reborn, the true love is eventually one.

The theme is itself not fresh, but this movie features a new and striking composition, quite different from the orthodox melodramas or usual melodramas now in vogue of late.

A destined love starts in the summer of 1983 when In-U (Lee Byung-Hon), who entered the university in 1982 to major in Korean literature, made a sudden rush into the umbrella of Tae-Hee (Lee Eun-Ju). Until then, In-U had believed that love at first sight was ridiculous, but he was unable to control his mind leaning toward Tae-Hee.

With the scene of In-U waiting for the train to join the military, 17 years passed in the movie, showing In-U as a high school teacher, who married another woman without being matched with Tae-Hee. A devoted teacher, In-U discovers the look of Tae-Hee in his boy student Hyun-Bin (Yeo Hyun-Su) and fell into confusion.

The two main sentiments governing this movie are nostalgia and fantasy.

The sentiment dominating the first half of the movie with the era of the 1980s as background is an affectionate nostalgia. Lee Byung-Hon brilliantly plays In-U, who looks a little foolish but good in nature and feels shy of his first love.

In the second half with the present as the stage, the fantasy toward the eternal love is dramatically expressed through the subject of reincarnation.

Viewing is allowed for 15 years-old or older.