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Quotation of the day

Posted February. 01, 2001 18:09,   


We feel proud of (Lee Su-Hyun) as Koreans. (An article on the Jan. 31 Internet edition of the Chosun Shinbo, the organ of Chochongnyon, a pro-North Korean residents¡¯ association in Japan, saying that the heroic death of Lee Su-Hyun (who died trying to save the live of a Japanese man who had fallen on some subway tracks) greatly impressed Japanese society, where selfishness is said to be spreading).

I have been studying hard with the resolution to become a national team manager. (Former national weightlifter Chun Byung-Kwan, saying on Wednesday that he was undertaking a doctoral course in physical education).

(Police) should teach people that jail is a place no one should want to visit again. (A donga.com netizen, responding Wednesday to a report that police would improve jail facilities to make it a place people want to visit again).

A vice minister I know of did not receive the money, but he did not become a minister. (Rep. Lee Hae-Chan, a Supreme Council member of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party, saying Wednesday that the Agency for National Security Planning under the former government used to give money to ministers and vice ministers of nine ministries, including the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, with which it coordinated its business).