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Quotations of the day

Posted January. 26, 2001 10:49,   


We can no longer meet "a moving human museum." (Choi Byung-Sik, professor of Kyunghee University and an art critic on Thursday, lamenting the death of master painter Kim Ki-Chang (penname Unbo), who impressed him most of all senior artists)

Malnutrition made North Koreans so weak that they can no longer stand the severe winter weather. (Baiby Morton, a U.N. Development Program officer stationed in Pyongyang, on Jan. 23, during a telephone interview with the Voice of America network, calling for emergency aid to help the starved and devastated North Korean population)

Let us make a buffer zone between the two bitterly opposing parties like the joint security area in the truce village. (Rep. Kim Won-Wung of the Grand National Party on Thursday, telling of the discussions junior members of the two parties had the previous day for the revision of the National Security Law)

We belong to an organized gang, more powerful than the embassy here. (A member of a Korean criminal racket that penetrated the Korean community in Guatemala; his ring has been operating there to terrorize and extort Korean residents for years until its members were arrested recently)

The sexual desire of women is more complex and harder to measure than that of men. (Henry Mackinel, president of Pfizer Co., which produces Viagra, on Jan. 24, predicting that Viagra for women would be available in about two years)