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I struggled for my life while trying to...

Posted January. 08, 2001 19:42,   


I struggled for my life while trying to escape the heavy snowfall. (A motorist who was snowbound for 22 hours on the Taegwallyong Pass, on Monday, speaking of experiencing intense cold and hunger while trapped.)

If the presidential election and parliamentary elections were held at the same time, realignment of the political arena would not be necessary. (Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) Supreme Council member Rhee In-Je, responding during a radio program Monday to a question regarding the controversial defection of three lawmakers from his party.)

There is no such thing as inventories in the aviation industry. (An Asiana Airlines official on Monday, saying that products intended for cancelled flights would not accumulate as inventory but end up as outright losses. He was referring to the cancellations due to heavy snow of most of the airline's flights, which caused enormous losses of revenues.)

The clock of the people is running ahead, while that of Grand National Party (GNP) president Lee Hoi-Chang has stopped. (Rep. Chu Mi-Ae, Local Autonomy Committee Chairman of the MDP, urging the party's Supreme Council to hit the opposition party hard over its alleged misuse of the state intelligence service's budget to fund two election campaigns.)

We had better do away with the term "the elite class of society." (A netizen visiting the Cheong Wa Dae website, pointing the finger at politicians, scholars and journalists who are often classified as the social elite but hardly measure up to the appellation.)