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Quotations of the day

Posted January. 07, 2001 19:50,   


The use of the intelligence agency's money for campaign funding was a preview of the two scandals involving the former ruling party's request for a North Korean provocation on the border and fundraising by the internal revenue service. The latter are fraternal twins born of the former. (Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) spokesman Kim Young-Hwan on Sunday, linking three scandals involving the opposition Grand National Party (GNP) and its predecessor.)

The DJP coalition is an infertile mule born of a male ass and a female horse. (GNP spokesman Kwon Chul-Hyeon on Sunday, criticizing President Kim and United Liberal Democrats (ULD) president Kim Jong-Pil for allegedly scheming to maintain their hold on power.)

Lee Hoi-Chang still has some room in his heart for Kim Jong-Pil. (Ju Jin-Wu, chief aide to GNP head Lee, commenting on the delivery of a potted orchid to Kim, honorary president of the ULD, to congratulate him on his birthday.)

I spent tens and hundreds of million won on betting, but they treated me like a beggar once I lost the money. (A frequenter of Chongson casino on Sunday, speaking of dozens of homeless vagrants around the casino who have lost all their money.)