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Quotations of the day

Posted December. 19, 2000 18:46,   


I can¡¯t understand why there is no good news. (An executive of an LG affiliated firm on Tuesday, after the KSB consortium, of which LG affiliate Dacom is a major shareholder, failed to win a business license for digital satellite broadcasting. LG withdrew from the bidding to become an IMT-2000 service provider.)

We celebrate the Day of Jesus Christ¡¯s Birth. (An official of the Buddhist Chogye Order¡¯s Secretariat, saying Tuesday that the Buddhist society would hang a placard in front of Chogye-sa Temple to mark Christmas.)

What a pity! It is Mr. Kim Joong-Kwon who is a messenger of 2 billion won plus. (Chang Kwang-Keun, the opposition Grand National Party's chief vice spokesman, speaking on the replacement for the ruling Millennium Democratic Party¡¯s chairman on Tuesday and calling it a change for the worse, not for the better.)

Happy families look similar, but unhappy families come in all shapes and sizes. (Korean-Japanese writer Yoo Mi-Ri, referring to the theme, family breakup, of her latest work, ¡°Family Sketch,¡± whose Korean edition was recently released here.)